KSMLLC was founded in 2003 by Kelly Mathews. Prior to founding the firm, Kelly Mathews began her career at Arthur Andersen (AA). During Kelly's four years at AA, all but four months were spent in AA's motor fuels tax outsourcing practice. During this time, Kelly was exposed to the federal excise tax quarterly return and related deposits and motor fuels tax returns in all 50 states.

During Kelly's first year in the motor fuels tax practice, Kelly served as a loan staff to a refining and marketing company. In that role, Kelly worked in the inventory department reconciling terminal inventory, in the exchange department reconciling exchange positions and issuing differential invoices, and on the trade floor closing stagnant inventory balances per customer contractual terms. This experience has aided Kelly in motor fuels tax by providing a base of knowledge in how transactions are entered and processed by different departments and an overall appreciation of the business operations of the refining and marketing industry. 

Kelly's last role at AA was managing AA's largest client in the motor fuels tax outsource practice line. This outsourcing engagement serviced one of the "majors" for all motor fuels tax compliance filing requirements. This encompassed filing over 400 returns per month with a staff of over 10 professionals.

After four years at AA, Kelly moved to Ernst & Young (E&Y) to start E&Y's motor fuels tax practice. Kelly remained at E&Y for over four years working exclusively in the motor fuels tax practice area. As an E&Y senior manager, Kelly provided both motor fuels tax return preparation and motor fuels tax consulting services. These services ranged from monthly return preparation to a 30-state review of environmental fees for lube oil products to research of motor fuels tax license requirements in new states. 

In 2003, Kelly founded KSMLLC and currently works with clients in the refining and marketing industry, including refiners, traders, and terminal/pipeline operators, and clients in the natural gas industry who operate fractionation plants. 

KSMLLC has grown steadily since inception. KSMLLC's staff is composed of individuals who are detail-oriented, have a passion for problem solving, and have strong reconciliation skills. Our professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and typically have either a graduate degree in business or law. 

We have a diverse group of professionals that are ready to meet your motor fuels tax needs.