KSMLLC offers three service lines:

  • Motor Fuels Tax Compliance Services
  • Motor Fuels Tax Consulting Services
  • Motor Fuels Tax Software Implementation Services


Motor Fuels Tax Compliance Services

Our firm provides motor fuels tax return preparation services for volume-based U.S. state and federal motor fuels tax and associated volume-based environmental fee and inspection fee returns for our clients. We prepare returns, utilizing the client's motor fuels tax software solution if one is in place, in either paper or electronic formats as required by the taxing jurisdictions. Our return preparation process generates three deliverables: a gallon reconciliation, a general ledger reconciliation, and a tax return. These deliverables provide our clients with a set of workpapers that links the client's transaction data directly to a schedule on the motor fuels tax return. These workpapers enable the client to evaluate and identify audit exposure during the return process and provide a consistent format for future audit defense.


Motor Fuels Tax Consulting Services

Our firm is available to assist clients with motor fuels tax research issues as they arise. We have provided our clients with the following types of assistance in either a single jurisdiction or multiple jurisdictions:

  • Research on acquiring and cancelling motor fuels tax licenses
  • Tax determination on new business transactions or business expansions into new products
  • Assistance with U.S. state and federal motor fuels tax audit responses
  • Review of ExSTARS EDI files for compliance with reporting requirements
  • Assistance in responding to IRS inquiries concerning ExSTARS reviews and penalties


Motor Fuels Tax Software Implementation Services

Our firm works closely with motor fuels tax software vendors and clients. Our goal is to assist clients in a smooth implementation and integration of the motor fuels tax software tool that our clients have selected. Software implementation in the motor fuels tax area can be challenging. Motor fuels tax professionals are typically subject to monthly deadlines with little time to dedicate to software implementation. In addition, as software is configured, reporting and tax issues may be uncovered.

Our firm is uniquely qualified to assist clients through this transition. We understand the demands of the motor fuels tax compliance schedule and the needs of motor fuels tax return preparers. With our years of experience in delivering Consulting and Compliance Services, we are equipped to support your tax team in configuring the software and addressing issues that may arise during the implementation. We have experience in Avalara Returns Excise, FuelQuest Zytax Compliance 4 (legacy software)Innovative Software Solutions AKORE FTPLUS, Texas Comptroller Motor Fuels Tax EDI software, and clients' in-house developed solutions.

We help clients implement a number of motor fuels tax software solutions. We lend value to the implementation process by:

  • Identifying data fields needed to process a motor fuels tax return
  • Developing and customizing the logic required by each software solution to populate return schedules with the appropriate transactions
  • Training our clients to effectively process a motor fuels tax return and how to maintain the system independently post-implementation
  • Providing support through the clients' first production filing cycle